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“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom”. Proverbs 4.7a (King James Version).


“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom”. Proverbs 4.7a (King James Version).

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While people in mundane society, as well as many within congregations, are constantly chasing social treasures, status symbols, fame, power, prestige, money, and a wide range of goals and social dreams like these; true Christians are looking for one “thing” that is worth far more than all those others put together. The wisdom. That's why the Holy Scripture says in Proverbs 16.16 the following text: "How much better is it to get wisdom than gold!...".

Genuine Christians understand that wisdom is the key that unlocks the gears and all the right doors in life; with wisdom it is possible to solidly build a lifestyle that is both simple and abundant, modest and sustainable, serene and with true success; free from the social chains and thorns that are wounding and imprisoning multitudes in frantic, passionate and megalomaniacal races.

With wisdom, a person can multiply the fruits of his work in an honest and exponential way; whether such fruits are related to personal and family well-being, or professional, financial, emotional, sentimental and, obviously, spiritual well-being. Wisdom clears the fog and paves the way towards our true dreams, those that God himself has designed perfectly tailored for us, and at the same time keeps us away from all those misguided, dissimulated social dreams that are within and around us, but that are anchors strategically placed, by the spirit of the world, since childhood, in our hearts, minds and before our eyes.

The problem is that there are a huge amount of people inside and outside the congregations who are voluntarily choosing to chain themselves to these anchors, many of them, in the foolish hope of being recognized, admired, followed or even envied by those around them in the world or in the congregations; and such people do this because, first: They fail to discern that all, or a good part, of what they are looking for in life, is, in fact, precisely what is keeping them imprisoned in various worldly mechanics, mindsets and traps; internally and externally.

Second: People are “running” to chain themselves to these social anchors because they ignore, or belittle, the value of seeking, acquiring, and cultivating the wonderful virtue of wisdom; but look at what is written in Proverbs 8:11: "For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it." Now I invite you to make the following personal reflection: If it is written that wisdom is so valuable; why are people, and maybe even yourself, craving all sorts of things but wisdom? Why are they desiring first of all money, material goods, professional positions, physical beauty at any cost, new jobs, entrepreneurial careers, ecclesiastical success, meaningless victories, too much luxury, followers, exaggerations and everything else that the spirit of the world uses the different media to praise? Why are they neglecting what is most important?

All true Christians focus on one thing, seeking wisdom and proving it in practice in their lives, for they understand that this virtue adequately synthesizes and allows the attainment of all the blessings that will cooperate together and perfectly for the edification of the life which God has prepared for them, which is completely separate and immune from all those anchors and diffuse influences of the spirit of the world which is violently confusing the multitudes of all ages. That's why it's also written in Proverbs 3:13A: "Happy is the man that finds wisdom..."; in other words; the person who finds wisdom will be guarded against all corruption, illusions, fantasies, distractions and distortions of society and will experience a life of sufficiency in all areas, physically, mentally and spiritually, but without extravagance or suffering.

Be honest, if today, at this very moment, you could choose between acquiring 1 bar of pure gold or a "gram" of wisdom; which one would you choose?

Most people, even those with a stable financial situation, would choose gold; but see what Proverbs 8:19 says about wisdom: "My fruit is better than gold..."; although many may think that this biblical statement is demagogic when said and taught by the sages, but it is not, on the contrary, it is perfectly logical and rational (sober), because every sage understands that gold, or money, or fortune, and everything that it can buy, are not capable of acquiring wisdom, but wisdom, allows us to acquire, multiply and peacefully enjoy all good things, in abundance and without exaggeration or waste. Furthermore there is a Babylonian proverb which says that "a fool and his gold are soon parted"; therefore the tendency is that a person who preferred gold (possessions, status, etc…) instead of wisdom ends up losing everything he has achieved; and this can happen in a number of different ways. Give a million dollars to someone without wisdom and in a short period of time he will have nothing left; but give someone wisdom and in some time this one will have a million dollars if he wants to.

And what does that mean in practice?

It means that while the worldlings and pseudo-Christians are running after, fighting, praying and asking to get bigger houses in the city, on the beach and on the mountain; new cars every one, two or three years; clothing and accessories from the most famous brands in the world; more money to be able to maintain all this and increase their standard of living and consumption; political victories; their own congregations; their own companies; a trophy wife or husband; followers/admirers; and a whole almost endless list of vanities. True Christians are looking only for wisdom, because it will guide them safely so that they can get all the earthly things necessary to live comfortably, peacefully, without extravagance; and moreover, if by any uncontrollable variable of life all material goods are taken away from them, they will not despair nor panic, they will not be affected internally; they will not lose their mental balance or physical health, because wisdom will still be with them, and it will show them how to get everything they need again to continue living properly and pleasantly. That's why it's also written in Matthew 6:33: "...Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.".

Wisdom is one of the main parts of the Kingdom of God; so, acquiring it, it will bring with it everything you really need, in abundance, in the right measure, without excess or waste; and the best thing is that no one will ever be able to steal it from you, because it will merge in your soul, perfecting you at all levels of your being and in all areas of your life, generating mental and material fruits that will be extremely useful to you, to your daily life, benefiting everyone around you, as well as producing spiritual treasures that will last in you for eternity; as Proverbs 8:21 says, "To make those who love Me inherit lasting goods, and to fill their treasures." . In summary: Whoever loves treasures and material goods will never be wise, but those who love wisdom will find the material goods they really need and the spiritual treasures that will lead them to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Wisdom has never frustrated anyone, it has never deceived or manipulated anyone, nor has made anyone a slave; there is not a single man or woman who has regretted acquiring wisdom. It makes us find the most suitable solutions, not the ones everyone is using; in fact, it shows us the right doors specifically for our life, it illuminates our path, it teaches us how to survive in deserts, how to overcome valleys, how to cross storms; dispels all the inner mists of our hearts and minds, drives us away from chaos; and, it shows us the truth behind the social fantasies that are everywhere around us, including within congregations. So why don't we stop trying to go with the flow of the world, randomly, accumulating the treasures of the earth that can be easily consumed, corroded or taken out of our hands by any circumstances we don't control, or by malicious people; and we focus more on acquiring a heavenly treasure, that magnificent virtue that will surely benefit us in all dimensions of our existence, that is, physically, mentally and spiritually, and that can never be taken from us.

Wisdom is the main thing where we should invest our faith, attention and effort; for once we do that, once we embrace it and truly love it, it will unlock in us knowledge, perception, vision and endless understandings that will make us build a full and excellent lifestyle, perfectly adjusted to supply in abundance all our needs so that we will be able to enjoy all the physical, material, professional, mental, sentimental, emotional and spiritual blessings that we really need and that God wants to give us. For this reason, too, it is written in Proverbs 4:8-9: "Exalt her, and she shall promote you: she shall bring you to honor, when you do embrace her. She shall give to your head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to you.".

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